Gender Equality Actions

The project objectives do not have any specific issues associated with gender, as they do not involve the assessment of end-user requirements (i.e. the end customer being the aircraft pilot/passenger). There are no perceived issues in relation to users of the technology developed by the partners (i.e. engineers or manufacturing personnel).

The consortium agrees with the European Commission, that

  • women's participation in research must be encouraged both as scientists/technologists and within the evaluation, consultation and implementation processes,
  • research must address women's needs, as much as men's needs,
  • research must be carried out to contribute to an enhanced understanding of gender issues.

At present, female researchers in aerospace engineering are underrepresented, especially in senior positions. In order to meet the challenges European Research must adapt changes and fully use the potential of women and men.

To advance towards the goal of gender equality the following measures are taken by the partners:


Gender Mainstreaming (pdf, 400 KB)
Guide to writing a Gender Action Plan (pdf, 500 KB)

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Equality between women and men in Sweden
The Swedish Government´s National Action Plan for Gender Equality

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